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Municipal Law


Hire a Proven New Jersey Municipal Court Lawyer Today

 If you’ve been charged with violating a municipal ordinance, a minor criminal offense or other small offense, you may be prosecuted in a New Jersey municipal court.  Municipal courts are courts of limited jurisdiction.  In other words, not all disputes go to municipal court — only certain “categories”.

In the state of New Jersey, municipal courts have responsibility over the handling of a limited subset of cases that include: 

  • Municipal ordinance violations (i.e., building code violations, zoning violations, etc.)
  • Various other small regulatory violations (i.e., agricultural, fishing, hunting, etc.)
  • Neighborhood disputes
  • Traffic violations (including DUI/DWI offenses)
  • Minor criminal offenses (i.e., assault, low-level fraud, etc.)
  • Ticketing offenses

Potential Penalties for Cases Handled by the Municipal Court

The consequences associated with such violations can take many municipal court defendants by surprise.  Penalties meted out by the municipal court are rather varied and may include fines and prohibitions, such as: the loss of driving privileges, the imposition of insurance surcharges, and moving violation points, among others.  Depending on the nature of the charge, a complaint that begins in New Jersey municipal court may be later transferred to the Superior Court for further prosecution.

It is therefore critical that you secure the assistance of a proven New Jersey municipal court lawyer so that you can minimize your potential liability.

Here at Griffin Alexander, P.C., our team of New Jersey and New York municipal law attorneys routinely defend clients who have been charged with driving while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, driving with a suspended license, and various other traffic offenses, and have done so effectively through municipal court proceedings.  We also handle cases on behalf of those who are in control of real estate or otherwise manage such properties — landlords, community associations, developers, and others.

Let a New Jersey Municipal Court Lawyer Help You With Your Real Estate Issues

In the context of real estate, these individuals (and entities) are financially dependent on the smooth operation of their properties and must be vigilant in dealing with tenancy-related issues that could have a negative impact on their interests.  We have assisted such clients in navigating challenging municipal court conflicts, many of which are likely to center around tenancy-related threats, harassment, and disorderly conduct.

Contact Griffin Alexander, P.C. for Municipal Court Assistance

 If you require the assistance of an attorney for representation in a New Jersey or New York municipal court — whether defending against a minor traffic violation or handling a problematic resident — we encourage you to contact Griffin Alexander, P.C.  Since 1996, we have served clients throughout New Jersey and New York and with over 50 years of combined experience, we offer a high level of professionalism and battle-tested legal representation.

Call us at 973-366-1188 or send us a message through our website to schedule a consultation with an experienced New Jersey municipal court lawyer at our firm today.  We will evaluate your case and work with you to identify solutions that are specifically tailored to your circumstances.

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