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Commercial Law & Business Startups

Commercial Law and Business Startups

Experienced Business Startup Lawyers

Here at Griffin Alexander, P.C., our experienced attorneys assist a range of business clients in establishing corporations, limited liability companies, sole proprietorships, partnerships, and joint ventures.  Our legal services with respect to commercial law and business startups is comprehensive — it includes the drafting of critical commercial documents (i.e., shareholder agreements, articles of incorporation, operating agreements, bylaws, equity agreements, and more), the closing of business loans, guidance through business acquisitions and the sale of assets, the preparation and review of buy-sell agreements, the provision of corporate counsel, and dissolution.

We handle the legal needs of early stage companies that are beginning to structure their organization (and their commercial relationships) with an eye towards the future.  As such, we are cognizant of the unique challenges and opportunities most relevant to startup clients, and the various other factors that are likely to have an impact on our representation of their interests.  Budget is a regular concern, for example, and we are therefore proactive about developing a transparent legal plan that will meet the client’s needs in a time-and-cost-efficient manner.

Business Formation Considerations for NY, NJ and PA Businesses

When selecting a structure for your business, there are a number of factors that will have an impact on your decision: shielding individuals from personal liability, protecting oneself from creditors, minimizing taxes, growth expectations, procedural burdens, and more.  At Griffin Alexander, P.C., we work with the client to evaluate their options in a holistic manner.

For example, a small business owner may derive significant benefit from establishing a corporation, especially considering the additional procedural burdens associated with the corporate form (i.e., keeping minutes, setting up board meetings, etc.).

Minimizing Liability by Adopting a Litigation-Ready Mindset

We are able litigators who have tried numerous cases to verdict.  This willingness and experience in litigating complex disputes has given us unique insight into how a conflict typically develops.  We are therefore well-equipped to identify potential liability concerns while structuring an agreement.  This ensures that we can incorporate “safety nets” for clients so that their risk of liability is minimized.  For example, we might include an arbitration clause in a shareholder agreement to avoid the negative publicity and costs associated with standard trial litigation (in the event of a dispute).

Contact Griffin Alexander, P.C. for Commercial Law Guidance

If you are operating an early stage business, then there are a number of legal considerations that you have to consider to avoid significant financial risks at a later date.  For example, a poorly-drafted operating agreement, or a buy-sell agreement that does not adequately protect your interests, can give rise to an actionable dispute, thus interfering with the normal running of your business.  The negative publicity associated with a lawsuit — and potential financial losses — could seriously damage your business.

Here at Griffin Alexander, P.C., we have over five decades of combined experience providing both litigation-related and transactional services to clients in a range of practice areas, from landlord-tenant law to commercial law.  We are committed to working closely with clients from the beginning of our engagement to ensure that we fully understand their goals, limitations, and concerns.  This enables us to more effectively tailor our representation to suit their circumstances.

Call 973-366-1188 or send us a message online to speak to a seasoned New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania startup lawyer at our firm today.


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