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New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania Community Association Law

Representing more than 200 community associations, Griffin Alexander, P.C., has attorneys who specialize in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania Community Association Law and provide those associations with guidance through the transition process from developer control to homeowner control. The firm also acts as general counsel for a number of associations, handling various Community Association Law-related needs, such as:

  • Negotiating and/or litigating (where necessary) with developers with respect to transition issues
  • Advising community boards of their fiduciary duties and obligations
  • Preparing initial governing documents & amendments
  • Interpreting governing documents and drafting policy resolutions
  • Enforcing governing documents and association rules and regulations
  • Effectuating the transition of leadership
  • Reviewing and drafting contracts for association purchases and services
  • Providing advice pertaining to association purchases and acquisitions
  • Attending board meetings

Griffin Alexander, P.C. realizes that community associations must adhere to their governing documents, as well as comply with any and all laws at the local, state and federal levels. Moreover, our team is similarly prepared to help condominium associations in the face of conflict, whether it involves residents, board members or property owners. In these situations, we offer a series of options to our clients in order to help effectuate a calm and productive resolution to problems as they arise – thereby minimizing the need for prolonged litigation where possible. However, in the event litigation proves necessary, we are equipped with the experience required to work through the court process from start to finish.

Collections and Litigation Services

One of the more common services that our firm provides to community associations throughout New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania is the collection of funds, including maintenance fees and charges owed from delinquent property owners. We at Griffin Alexander, P.C. appreciate the fact that dealing with delinquent assessments directly impacts the bottom line of both large and small communities. That said, we are dedicated and focused on providing our clients with fast, cost-beneficial solutions in an effort to lessen the effect of such issues.

Griffin Alexander, P.C. attorneys are prepared to appear in court on behalf of the community associations we represent and will zealously advocate for their rights under New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania Community Association Law with regard to issues such as collecting overdue assessments, foreclosing on units, challenging the denial of insurance claims and appealing property tax assessments of common areas.

At Griffin Alexander, P.C., we not only help create and draft bylaws and governing documents, but we assist in enforcing the provisions as well. When it comes to enforcing property rules and regulations, the correct response to the issue will depend upon the nature and severity of the problem. In some cases, a simple cease and desist letter will be sufficient to correct the matter. In more severe cases where property damage may be at issue, a condominium association attorney can help secure an injunction against the resident or entity responsible for the damage.

In addition, our firm can help your team interpret its bylaws in light of emerging issues or problems, as well as help address violations of any degree.

Let Us Handle the Transition

More often than not, the transition from developer control of the board to owner control can be a process that takes anywhere from a number of months to potentially several years to complete. Griffin Alexander attorneys have the capability to advise associations at each and every step of the process in order to ensure that the transition goes along as easily as possible. We can help boards with getting the developers motivated to finalize the transition, as well as handle the intricacies associated with municipal, performance and work bonds.

Today, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania Community Association Law is constantly evolving and quite complex. That is why it is imperative for community associations to utilize the services of skilled attorneys who have a thorough knowledge of such a specialized body of law. Griffin Alexander, P.C. is proud to provide personal service in that we take the time to know and understand the needs of our clients and place special focus on resolving their issues and meeting their goals.

Throughout the years, we have found that more and more communities are maintained by nonprofit community associations that are administered by volunteer Boards of Trustees. Such associations can have a tremendous influence over their residents' quality of life, particularly with respect to their property values.

Contact Us Today!

That said, if your association has concerns or questions related to the New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania Community Association Law or Condominium Association Law that governs community associations, you are encouraged to contact the capable attorneys at Griffin Alexander, P.C. today to schedule a consultation.

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