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General Litigation

General Litigation - Let a New Jersey Real Estate Litigation Attorney Help

Litigation is a primary practice area at Griffin Alexander, P.C. The unfortunate reality of real estate law is that — no matter what you do to establish preventative measures (in an effort to avoid a dispute) — litigation is sometimes inevitable.  When the process of real estate litigation begins, it’s important that you work with experienced and proven New Jersey trial practitioners who can capably handle your case from start-to-finish.


Legal Issues We Commonly Litigate

We litigate a variety of real estate issues:

Property Disputes

At Griffin Alexander, P.C., our New Jersey real estate litigation attorneys regularly represent clients involved in property disputes, including those that center around the breach of real estate contracts, environmental issues, conflicts over title, easement conflicts, property tax litigation, boundary disputes, trespass, squatting, and much more.

Condominium Law Disputes

We are leading advocates for community associations and condo associations throughout New Jersey and New York.  In fact, we have represented over 200 community associations since our founding, and have assisted them with challenging disputes involving residents, board members, and property owners — ranging from the enforcement of governing regulations (i.e., collection) to fiduciary duty violations and issues concerning the maintenance of common areas. 

Construction Defects

Construction defects can undermine the economic value of your property and thereby threaten the otherwise sound cost-benefit analysis that led you to invest in the property in the first place.  A construction defect lawsuit that is not properly defended may not only expose you to financial losses but may also cause damage to the reputation of the target real estate property, depressing rates and leading to long-term vacancy problems.

Landlord-Tenant Disputes

We maintain a vibrant landlord-tenant practice, and regularly defend residential and commercial landlords, developers, and management companies in disputes with their tenants.

Landlord-tenant disputes are common and may involve issues such as the collection of unpaid rent, rent control, eviction, maintenance disputes, concerns over a breach of the lease agreement, and more.  We take a comprehensive approach to landlord-tenant litigation and strive to find the ideal solution to a conflict that meets the circumstances.

Fair Housing Complaints

Federal, state, and local regulations prohibit discrimination against those who are members of a protected class.  We regularly assist property owners, community associations, developers, and others in complying with fair housing regulations, but there are always unpredictable situations in which a plaintiff may present an allegation of discrimination.  Our experience in compliance and litigation serves us well in this regard. We understand the steps necessary to prevent a fair housing violation and know how to work with regulatory bodies to avoid escalation of conflicts.

Corporate Issues

We have extensive experience working with corporate landlords, developers, and management companies (as well as commercial entities not involved in the real estate space) in litigating various disputes arising out of their business interests.  We are experienced litigators who have taken numerous cases to trial.  We have unique insight into how to resolve corporate disputes before they advance to the pre-trial stage. 

Featured Litigation Attorneys

Robert C. Griffin, Esq. is a former Union County Assistant Prosecutor, who cut his teeth trying criminal cases. He has been in private practice for over 30 years litigating civil matters of all types, but notably, complex construction cases and New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania community association law issues.

Jennifer L. Alexander, Esq. can be found in court on average three times a week, litigating such matters as New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania landlord tenant law cases, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania condominium association law disputes and collection matters.

At Griffin Alexander, P.C., we are no strangers to the challenges of courtroom advocacy.  In fact, you will find that every member of our litigation team is experienced in taking a case to trial.  Over the years, we have built a strong reputation as diligent, highly-prepared, and relentless advocates.

Of course, many cases are resolved before advancing to trial.  These days, more and more cases are being referred to mediation and arbitration. The New Jersey real estate litigation attorneys here at Griffin Alexander, P.C. have extensive experience in both forms of alternate dispute resolution. Robert Griffin and Jennifer Alexander have both served as mediators and have represented clients on numerous occasions at mediation and arbitration proceedings.

Speak With a New Jersey Real Estate Litigation Attorney Now for Assistance


At Griffin Alexander, P.C., our attorneys have over 50 years of combined experience representing clients in a variety of real estate litigation.  If you require the assistance of a New Jersey real estate litigation attorney, call us at 973-366-1188 or send us a message through our website to request a consultation today.  We invest a substantial amount of time and attention into each client so that we can more fully understand their case and tailor our representation to their specific needs.

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