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New York Landlord-Tenant Law

New York Landlord-Tenant Law Matters Can Be Complicated

Since 1995, Griffin Alexander, P.C. has represented landlords, developers, management companies and community associations with various matters that arise from the operation of their properties — including landlord-tenant issues.  We have decades of experience in these matters.  We practice in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and understand the unique challenges facing clients in each state, as well as the fundamental issues that apply to all clients such as fair housing laws. 

Griffin Alexander, P.C. Provides Comprehensive Representation

At Griffin Alexander, P.C., our New York landlord-tenant law attorneys provide comprehensive advisory, transactional, and litigation-related assistance to landlords (individual and corporate), developers, and management companies in New York, particularly with respect to complex landlord-tenant matters.  We offer end-to-end assistance to our clients, including drafting lease agreements, developing property policies, evaluating compliance with respect to local, New York State, and Federal regulations, resolving disputes between landlords and tenants (i.e., nonpayment, fair housing complaints, unauthorized sublets, disorderly conduct, and more).

We have extensive experience working in various settings, from the trial courts to rent control hearings.  The breadth of our experiences in handling landlord-tenant matters has given us great insight into what is necessary to effectively control risk (before and after a conflict arises).  Further, our demonstrated willingness to take a case to trial ensures that we have an advantage when navigating disputes with tenants.

New York Landlord Tenant Law is Variable in Nature

Though New York state law is perceived as generally favorable to tenants, the law can be variable on a rule-by-rule basis.  In fact, when examined closely, there are many rules that tend to favor the landlord’s interests.

For example, New York does not set a cap on security deposits.  In other words, you can control for the risks posed by a given tenant by raising the security deposit to account for the potential damage.  There is no maximum.

Further (though the law may differ substantially depending on local regulations), New York does not impose restrictions on a landlord’s ability to raise rents after a lease agreement has been terminated.  Only “rent controlled” properties limit the landlord’s ability to increase the rent.

As a landlord or commercial landlord in New York, it’s also worth noting that you do not have to provide a grace period to tenants who are late on rental payments (unless you have included a grace period provision in the lease agreement).  This gives landlord’s substantial flexibility to begin eviction proceedings sooner for nonpayment, and additional leverage when attempting to negotiate a resolution to a dispute with a tenant who has chosen to withhold payments.

Request a Consultation With a New York Landlord-Tenant Attorney Today

If you require assistance with a matter relating to New York landlord-tenant law, we encourage you to contact the team here at Griffin Alexander, P.C.  We have successfully represented hundreds of landlords, developers, community associations, management companies, and others, helping them secure favorable agreements, minimize liability, and resolve disputes when they arise.

Call us at 973-366-1188 or fill out a contact form to arrange for a consultation with one of our attorneys today.

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