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Archive: 2012

The Use of Portable Generators in Multi-Family Dwellings

Posted November 2, 2012 in Community Association Law | Author: Steven G. Mlenak, Esq.

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy and over 2.4 million homes without power, many homeowners have turned to portable generators to heat and light their homes. In multi-family dwellings, however, owners may not recognize the dangers of using a portable generator and many, if not most, do not realize that using such equipment is actually prohibited under their Association’s operating documents.

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Community Associations and Tenants | Part 4 – Evicting Tenants

Posted February 14, 2012 in Community Association Law | Author: Dean L. Semer, Esq.

This is the fourth of 4 blog posts concerning tenant issues within community associations. In Part 1, I explained why Associations cannot prohibit tenants. In Part 2, I explained that it is not a good policy for an association to require credit checks or background checks of potential tenants. In Part 3, I explained about leasing resolutions and lease riders.

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