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Archive: 2013

NJ Supreme Court Finds Consumer Fraud, Negligence Causes of Action Exist In Class Action Against Landlords

Posted December 11, 2013 in Landlord/Tenant Law | Author: Jennifer L. Alexander, Esq.

Landlords, take note--a recent ruling made by the New Jersey Supreme Court in Darnice Green, et al. v. Morgan Properties, et al. might be opening the door to New Jersey renters pursuing consumer fraud claims against their landlords. Given the ruling, a well-versed New Jersey landlord tenant lawyer is likely to suggest that landlords double and triple check the language of their leases. The case came to the NJ Supreme Court on the defendants' petition for certification of the Appellate Division's ruling which reversed the lower court's decision to dismiss the complaint with prejudice.

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Bill Could Require Mortgage Lenders To Maintain Vacant Age-Restricted Units During Foreclosure

Posted December 3, 2013 in Community Association Law | Author: Jennifer L. Alexander, Esq.

Individuals, both young and old, are having a tough time making ends meet for a variety of reasons. However, the situation might be even more precarious for individuals who are older that live on very limited incomes that may or may not be sufficient to cover their monthly obligations. Many of those older individuals who are facing financial difficulties live in age-restricted communities that often call for the payment of association fees in addition to their required mortgage payments. Homeowner and condo associations typically rely on the payment of such fees to cover things such as ground maintenance and overall community upkeep. However, as just about any New Jersey condo association lawyer knows, struggling individuals quite often decide to focus on paying other bills rather than their association fees. 

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New Jersey’s Condominium Act

Posted October 30, 2013 in Community Association Law | Author: Steven G. Mlenak, Esq.

Condo owners purchase more than just a living space when they sign their deeds; they also gain access to a community of condo owners, sharing common areas such as pools and lawns, and decisions about maintenance, decoration, and expansion within the community. Condo owners benefit from the influence of a homeowners association in protecting the residents’ shared interests and living spaces. The attorneys at Griffin Alexander, P.C., condominium association lawyers in New Jersey, find that the legal processes and documentation involved in condo ownership and governance are vital to ensuring that both parties are satisfied and protected in their rights.


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Condominium Super Lien Laws

Posted October 23, 2013 in Community Association Law | Author: Jennifer L. Alexander, Esq.

Several states in the country, including New Jersey, have super lien laws that affect mortgages and property costs. Condominiums in New Jersey are also subject to these laws, and the attorneys at Griffin Alexander, P.C., condominium association lawyers in New Jersey,  say that understanding the consequences of these liens and the existing state laws can protect condo owners from losing money or filing liens incorrectly, as a result of an unknown or unfulfilled condition of their state’s laws.

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New Jersey Security Deposit Laws

Posted October 16, 2013 in Landlord/Tenant Law | Author: Jennifer L. Alexander, Esq.

Renters in New Jersey are typically asked to put down first month’s rent when they sign a lease on a new place, as well as a pre-determined amount for a security deposit, in some cases equal to or even more than a month’s rent. Landlords collect these payments as an insurance policy, to hold tenants responsible for the overall condition of the apartment during their rental period. Before entering into a lease agreement, the attorneys at Griffin Alexander, P.C., landlord tenant lawyers in New Jersey, recommend that both parties review the state laws regarding security deposits.

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